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Video personal messages are always touching when well done, but in the COVID lockdown period they were essential. In this video one of my clients sends his friends and relatives a holiday greeting hoping for better times in the new year. Guess how well that turned out?! Sigh. But the short video is great!
This took only minutes of setup to shoot because the client's house and sense of style are lovely. He also picked the music. Beverly Hills, as usual, looked great.
The fact that major celebs like Sly Stallone post technically terrible phone shot videos shocks me. That should be a crime much like Rocky IV!


alt This is my CGI computer animation demo reel from 2016. With all the tech we have now there is no excuse for a poorly produced reel!  The're called "reels" because they were originally on film and creators had to pay to have copies struck and sent to talent agents or studio hiring chiefs. Those film reels were then put in a projector and watched. Tedious! Plus every viewing added scratches.
I came of age in the 1990s in Hollywood when you had to make dozens of copies of VHS tapes to send to potential employers. In my case video game and animation studios. I had to pay for duplication, color copies, postage, shipping and more. Groan! This does not even count the time and money spent to rent a 3/4" edit bay and produce the master.
Thank goodness your reel is just a click away on YouTube and the cost of hosting it NOTHING. You can spend all that saved money making your reel great. That means: three minutes long, well edited, timed to music if nescessary, and showing your best/newest work. Hollywood is highly competitive but most people don't know how it works. A good reel is essential to get you ahead of them. I can make that happen!

INTERVIEW WITH KEVIN - Bodybuilder Kevin was one of my favorite physique model interviews to do. He is smart, handsome, 6'4" 250 lbs. and buff! The camera loves him but so what? If he were a boring jerk audiences on YT would click off or hate him. Fortunately this European model has a great personality and speaks perfect, unaccented English. He would even have production ideas that were good while I was struggling with inevitable tech issues. What more could a producer ask for? Taylor Swift must have agreed. She hired Kevin as one of her bodyguards and he even appeared in one of her videos!
At the time he regretted getting involved in the Gay adult video industry. Now with websites like OnlyFans every nitwit is trying to make their own incompetent adult entertainment and the stigma is evaporating because a small number of people make a lot of money doing it without up front expenses. I can help make that happen. The reason so many of these newcomers fail is not because they are unattractive, it is because they are incapable of presenting themselves properly. I fix that!

Unlike the previous, sexy, lite video clip this one is very sad. Scott Campbell was a brainwashed Scientologists who fell afoul for trying to leave. They locked him in a medical waste incinerator in their giant blue building in Los Feliz. It has previously been a hospital and they used the empty incinerator to torture people. His wife Karry, who is reduced to tears in this video, recounts how she was separated from him as he was force fed food with drugs in it. A simple "talking heads" interview can, with the proper music and graphics, become galvinizing when the topic has wide interest. They have both been free of the cult for many years.

Here I use three point lighting which gives a blue hairlight and the backdrop is simply a throw blanket from the client's couch! I deliberately tolerated mediocre audio because I did not want to clip a mike on these people. Could you imagine someone crying their heart out and I stop the interview by saying "Stop hitting your microphone?" The performance is more important that the technical details.

How Scientologists Extort Each Other - This comedic skit performed by two ex-cultists shows how they massively extort money out of their low self esteem believers. This was shot in one take with NO rehearsal. Why did they play the roles perfectly? Because they have both extorted, and been extorted, by others many times. They had the situation down!
A great example of how, in the right hands, hilarious comedy gold can be mined at the surface practically free!

NICK DIXON PRIVATE EYE - I made this comedy short in Ohio a long time ago and it has so much animation and production design I did for myself free that you could never afford it! It won multiple awards and was shown in L.A. by the American Cinematheque.

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