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abstract spiral
Unfortunately I've never gotten to do much abstract or design work because I was busy animating photo-real feature films seen by billions. But I do think it is fun to do: a bodybuilding DVD cover, weird CGI abstraction, a poster, a colorful print ad etc. A good marketing image can massively affect sales. As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said when he was picking a movie to do: "Don't show me da script show me da poster!" So true!

Sadly there is no market for me trying to sell images like this. Art is just about filthy rich 1 percenters doing their high end money laundery. Like people who paid X million for a Jeff Koontz plastic metal rabbit worth a few hundred dollars in materials and construction. Sad! And don't get me started on AI imaging stealing my work/job.

heller awards poster 2015 Heller Awards
This poster I did for the Hwd. Talent Mgr's Ass. came out well. Then I saw the other ads were awful looking line art! My client got blowback from other jealous members of TMA.
bodybuilding dvd box art
DVD Covers
Do what you love. Bodybuilding videos! Gone are the days you could purchase a DVD or LP album and get printed artwork. NetFlix has no collectable album art!
bodybuilding dvd box art
DVD Covers
Gone are the days you could make quality softpore cornography about muscle guys. Now every twit gym bunny douche uploads garbage eight times a day. As an ad for their horrible 'OnlyFans' media.
male model bodybuilder red shirt
Bodybuilder art
Making bodybuilder art, like this abstract image of Gay muscle doctor Rob, is easy. The subject did all the heavy lifting in pre-production!
fortieth birthday logo
Forty Logo
Gone are the days I could have a birthday party with as many hunk gay muscle guys as there are pictures of me in my own logo. Few people have parties anymore and when guests work three jobs they don't have time to attend.
glass knuckles 3d cgi weapon
Glass Knuckles
Brass knuckles are dangerous enough but these glass knuckles feature poison dispensed from the red areas.
pool party san vicente inn bodybuilder
San Vicente Inn Pool Party Ad
The notorious and now defunct San Vicente Inn hosted our Gay Bodybuilding party. Sadly the sexy, erotic venue is gone, replaced by facilities for the super-rich. Like the nearby Garden of Allah, it was a little too naughty and is now a lot too gone.
3d crystal spikes
Spike Balls
Why go to an art museum when I can make images never seen before myself with Lightwave 3D?
3d crystal spikes
Spike Balls
I would love to hold this object in my hand but it's infinitely sharpy edges would cut through my flesh like a diamond knife.
bodice ripper movie poster
Bodice Ripper Poster
This image was drawn by artist Etienne Andlau based on my rough sketch and verbal description. I scanned that in and colored it for my hilarious script "The Bodice Ripper."
3d cgi flowers
This 3D render show my obsession with flowers/bird heads/flowers that look like bird heads. See also Hand Drawn.
hair salon business card
Hair Salon Biz Card
I made this business card for a bodybuilder buddy. Weho's hairdressers can beat up your hairdressers! He did Liz Taylor's hair but his salon was to vulnerable to paparazzi.
3d abstract moiré render
Moiré bug
Once I made a Lightwave 3D scene with two spheres accidentally totally overlapping each other. This is the strange moire bug this produced. Later the problem with overlapping polys was patched and this image can no longer be reproduced from the original scene data..
computer repair newspaper ads 1999
PC Repair Ads 1999
Not only are these print ads visually engaging the copy is perfect, of course. Fear of PCs was prevalent at the time. The publication was Gay newsmag Frontiers Magazine.
pc repair ads 1999
PC Repair Ad 1999
Another great print ad one page away from the escort section of Frontiers Magazine. Being near there meant you got the best viewership. Hardware turnover was common at the time as it was progressing so rapidly.
3d cgi high pressure valve
High Pressure Valve 1994
1994! I created this image for an industrial demo which was SO HARD. If you look closely you can see that the large curved surfaces are faceted by polygons. Tough modeling job at the cusp of this being done on a PC at all.
san vicente inn bodybuilder pool party ad
San Vicente Inn Bodybuilder Ad
The notorious and now defunct San Vicente Inn hosted our Gay Bodybuilding party. Sadly the sexy, erotic venue is gone, replaced by facilities for the super-rich. The bungalows, nudity and "pay for just the day entry" policy mean prostitution and drugs followed.
abstract spiral