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nick dixon matte painting - sirocco drag queen cincinnatinick dixon office art deco gayThe story of a sneaky shamus with a sickening secret! Drunken private dick Nick Dixon (Don J. Myers) gets more than he bargained for when sexy Negro socialite Dora Diver (transsexual actress Sirocco) comes calling. Soon he's pulled into a sinister underworld where his secret shame is public knowledge!  Can he indefinitely defeat his inner demons and save the girl before World War II ends prematurely by going nuke?!!

I created this short in Cincinnati, Ohio in the early 1990's at Warner Cable Public Access Studios using my brave little Amiga computer and Deluxepaint/DCTV. This was edited on 3/4" videotape at the Warner Cable studios. I later I was making virtual sets practically before George Lucas did! Then again, when it comes to computer animation everybody is a pioneer ...

sirocco cincinnati drag queen greyscaleSadly, Sirocco died in January 2021 of Multiple Sclerosis possibly as a side-effect of being transgender. This is an auto-immune disease which some say may be caused by breast implants. So, she could have either not been the gender she wanted or gotten a health issue because her body's immune system was rejecting her breast implants. So sad! BUT we will always have her perf here! And her breasts always deliver! I found her perf extremely wooden as if she only knew how to play "Sirocco." Which was absolutely perfect for the role in a pathetic B-movie which is designed not to display subtle acting skills.

I did not cast her as an accountant at the library after all! She IS Dora DIver!


Interracial Insanity!
STARE helplessly as cream and coffee mix!

Radioactive Ridiculousness!
FEEL the basic power of the universe unleashed!
Spectacular Special Effects! CRINGE at digitally enhanced violence!

Bumbling Bad Guys
SEE a glamorous gal held captive by a  gang of godless goosesteppers!

The Poster
Distributed on: MEN IN SHORTS (Vol. 1)
The distributor, who had recently purchased the website in an attempt to hold it hostage to the highest bidder, did not like my making fun of Spam. He was afraid of a lawsuit from the Hormel Meat Co. even though I say in the credits they were not involved. He removed the entire opening about Spam. So when, at the climax, Dora Diver holds a can of Spam it makes no sense. It was supposed to make a mockery of corporate brand placement. And now many years later the brand "SPAM" is a joke in every way anyhow.
Oh well, he gave me a free ticket to a Chicago hotel and Gay film fest 


1994 Hometown Video FestHonolulu, HI

1994 Hometown Video FestHonolulu, HI

BEST ANIMATION 1995 Brooklyn Arts Council (BACA)
29th Film FestMetropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Raleigh Studios Theater by the American Cinematheque