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violent hollywood xmas parade goon
This is not a fictional TV show, this is all real street theatre. Abusive cops, rent-a-thugs, protesters attacked and worse. Like the Hollywood Christmas Parade goon acting in cahoots with the LAPD Wilcox station. An occasional black comedy joke may occur. But the mood of menace is present throughout these shorts even in sit down interviews.

Religions like the Catholics or the Church of Scientology are famous for NOT having a sense of humor and for reacting harshly to protests.

I have been sued about seven times by Scientology alone for my victimless civil disobedience. Of course the Hollywood Police are paid off by the Church so that adds another whole level of Hitchcockian mess.

dramatic videos

san bernardino police SHELLY MISCAVIGE PROJECT TEASER - 2017

Three Scientology investigators disappear into the spooky woods looking for a Scientology missing cultist. Does anyone come out alive!!!??? Well, obviously or we would not have edited this video. Nobody else has the mojo to record this cult as we were that day.


His Horniness the Angry Gay Pope was recording L. Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland 2015 when he was harassed by a goon paid by the Church of Scientology. The thug might have been waiting for WEEKS for a papal visit. So the Pope rewards the occasion with a Christmas Special that's got production values. The goon then tries to ruin the Star Wars opening weekend and a visit is paid to Disney's El Capitan Theater and the LAPD. A scary, funny, dramatic vid eo. But it shows how tone deaf the Church is to critics. It's very easy to make them embarass themselves on camera, especially at Christmas Time. Winter Wonderland and, especially, the Hollywood Christmas Parade, are the most dangerous protest locations in Scientology (other than Gold Base). Due to musical copyright issues you may have to watch this video directly on youtube and it cannot be viewed in Germany. Sadly, the corner of Hollywood and Highland has suffered from several violent incidents in the past few years. A woman was killed by panhandlers for taking their picture and a knife wielding man was shot by LAPD As befits a Christmas special I pulled out all the stops with multiple special effects shots. But I don't want to give away any "spoilers." We all know how much Star Wars fans hate spoilers! This goon is just one in a long list of thugs, ex-cons and other losers the Church hires to do it's dirty work.


Protester AnonOrange recounts the many dangers of protesting at the Scientology "homeworld" Golden Era Productions in Riverside CA. Protesters have had been beaten by security, sprayed with irrigation water, blasted with noise, and harassed by a skip loader full of cow manure. All while the corrupt or confused or scared police do nothing. In this case the Riverside County Deputies and the Ca. Highway Patrol officers.

st. victors catholic church west hollywood ca GEORGE AND MARJORIE (ESQUIRE) CATHOLICS - 2010

Catholics George and Marjorie (Esquire) get an earful from protester the Angry Gay Pope. They don't want to talk about the shameful way their church treats Gays and women. George just wants to cuss and tell Marjorie to "Shut up!" How un-Christian sez the Angry Gay Pope! So typical of Catholics to treat women that way.

scientology golden era productions SCIENTOLOGY GOLD BASE RINGS AND RINGS! - 2009
Scientology's inner sanctum, Golden Era Productions (Gold Base) in Hemet CA was the site of a bizarre raid. The cult had erected a half mile long row of polyphonic surround sound speakers on both sides of the highway! They did this during several protests and, although annoying, it was very exciting. It made the whole atmosphere much better. Without it the place is just a country road.

protester anonorange Scientology guards detain "pregnant" woman until LAPD arrives - 2015

February 20, 2015: Scientology Security Guard Franc Paolo subdues a person of interest near Hollywood and Vine streets. Footage recorded by Hakeem Alexander who did a wonderful job and is actually better looking and stronger than the Angry Gay Pope, and I'm 6'2" 210 lbs. Too strong looking for the guards to threaten him for recording the incident. It helps when being a modern videographer to be larger than your often aggressive subjects.

Regardless of the attractiveness of the reporter, his images are disturbing. Was she at the Hollywood Guarantee Building and had an altercation? It would have to be a bad one for the security guards to follow her for two blocks. Unless she is a former Scilon and had a run in with them by design or accident. But she is Black, and Black Scientologists are as common as eyebrows on an egg. Nevertheless they have, in the last few years, done a major outreach to non-Whites. Has that outreach being successful enough for Black people to being going crazy from Scientology now just like decades of White people have in the past? I am not questioning her sanity, even though Hollywood Boulevard is covered with loonies. But it does not help her defense that she looks a bit shabby and claims to be pregnant. Even though she does not look pregnant at all.

Oh what are they going to do with Franc Paolo now that this video has come out? He had already disappeared before in 2013-14. And his co-worker Guard Andy Knapp was reportedly RPF'd also recently. This won't be good for Franc's "career" I think, even though he was doing exactly what he was told to do and LRH insisted he do. But he looks bad on camera and very aggressive.

Also: Why does the rent-a-cop have red marks on his neck? Did she wail on him while his head was turned left? As usual with these stories, the truth remains to be seen. But the sight of Franc and the female Scilon "victim" laughing together late in the incident will not help them in court if it gets to that. Which is why we all keep watching don't we! Yes we do! Rest assured the Angry Gay Pope is digesting the full 30 minute event for your YouTube examination very soon.

VIDEOGRAPHER HAKEEM ALEXANDER COMMENTS: I actually arrived just in time to see her running down Hollywood Blvd. on the south side of the street heading east towards Vine and then turning south on Vine towards Sunset. I was on the north side and crossed over and she ran right in front of me. Seconds later, the security officer identified as Franc Paolo was running after her. But she ran down an alley which was a big mistake because it is behind the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project which is run by Scientology. Shortly after that, the 2nd security officer was seen pushing and grabbing the woman, and she ran into traffic towards Wells Fargo bank. At 1st I went into Trader Joe's to get some food when she went into the bank thinking they would let her be. But when I came out 5 minutes later, they had her up against the wall, I was concerned for the woman and how she was being handled; and though I would have liked to physically intervene, I decided it was time to document it and confirm that LAPD was in fact on the way instead.