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scientology gold base fence photo nazi camp fence
There is no difference between the prison fence of Scientology on the left and the Nazi one on the right: only the number of people killed at the locations are different. Plus, the Nazi version has more creative and attention calling metalwork. But why is a concentration camp sitting in Riverside County CA?  Because the three sources of money in this rural area are: 1 - Indian Gaming, 2 - Wineries, 3 - Scientology. (AKA gambling, booze and Fascism) They pay off everyone from county supervisors to deputies to CHIPS police.  The fence is covered with three inch "Ultra Barrier." The spiked stainless steel conveys "the message" without the prison appearance of razor wire. I risked arrest to take that fence photo and it is probably the best thing I've ever done. It is famous in Scientology protest circles, appeared on Wikipedia, many documentaries and Leah Remini's show "Scientology and the Aftermath." I was immediately threatened with arrest for taking the photo by cult guard Danny "Dunitagain" Dunnigan. The Riverside deputies sternly warned me not to do that again. Then they drove away to avoid the situation during a major Anonymous protest.

Links below take you to galleries of Scientology prison camp fences and security, Orwellian LA camera systems, Anonymous V Scientology and even undercover infiltrations of local "Ideal Orgs" (large meeting houses). Many of these images are available nowhere else. This is why the Church has persecuted my YouTube channels with spurious takedowns paid for by their sometimes massive YouTube advertising. This is why the Church has DDOS attacked my website continuously since March 13, 2018. My magic must be very powerful or they would not hate me so much! But they will never make a hate video about me, unlike what they have done with all their other foes. They cannot afford to give me the attention.

scientology gold base riverside ca
Gold Base
The Xanadu of Xenophobia, Riverside CA
scientology gold base riverside ca
Anonymous V Scientolgy
Protests, Riverside CA
Scientology twin peaks san bernardino ca
Twin Peaks
Prison in Paradise, San Bernardino CA
scientology security camera hollywood
Orwell Hell
Cameras Everywhere, Hollywood CA
scientology inglewood ideal org interior
Inglewood Ideal Org
Inglewood Properties, Inglewood CA

cnn march on washington 1993
The April 1993 Gay Rights March on Washington DC was one of the largest public gatherings/protests in United States history. Coming at the start of the Clinton administration, over one million people converged on the city over a single weekend. Crowds built all week, filling bars, museums and hotels with guests ready to spend pink green.  I'm sure this had a huge effect on the corporations and citizens of the city who might not have thought that the Gay community was a potential major source of tourist income. I, being a slut, ended up never sleeping in the bed that I paid for the group of college people from the Univ. of Cincinnati.

I even had my first "sugar crash" spending the night at a guy's hotel near Union Station near the capitol. I had eaten so little, and he had no food. So I went down and sugar binged on junk from a candy machine in the hotel's lobby. This made things worse and I got the thrill of experiencing what it is like to be a diabetic with no insulin. FUN!

Nevertheless the entire trip was a joy. All the amazing museums and government buildings were full of Gay folks. Lines to bars were endless but who cares when the parade of people to watch was going right by. Dupont Circle, the Gay district, was shown on MTV live with people dancing in the fountain in conga lines. The innermost line was naked!  When our group first came into the area via subway we heard a cheer moving through the structure from above ground to below like people doing "the wave" at sports events. SO exhilarating after a lifetime of being persecuted and now Gay males were being threatened by AIDS. The devastating display of the AIDS quilt really brought that home.

I met a very smart bodybuilder named Robert Price in a Gay bar full of the hottest men in the world. Sadly it had a metal detector you had to go through to get in. Sad! Bad area. We got back to his hotel safely and stayed overnight. So we went to the march together. He was an escort and we met some of his "co-workers" at the event.  At that time I realized there were way too many hot guy Gay men in the world for me to ever sleep with them all and I should give up. This philosophy lasted about one month after I got back! You really can't describe the psychological effect of some many people in your face over a very short time.

My mom was watching the main show at home in Altoona, PA, and had a better look at what was going on onstage. What a life changing event! The Clintons and Gores did not attend but a message from them was read by Nancy Pelosi.

The scanned in photos of the March, shown below, were shot with a disposable camera with an anamorphic lens and widescreen film format. The first photo is obviously a composite.
1993 gay pride march on washington d.c. 1993 gay pride march on washington d.c. 1993 gay pride march on washington d.c.