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hometown video festival award
Whether I am creating elaborate CGI comic ventures or mocking Catholics and Scientologists to their faces, there is something here to tickle and offend almost everyone! As a commercial artist I would rather have people either love it or hate it. Not have a lukewarm "Oh that was okay."  Some of these early videos had elaborate productions, early cutting edge CGI, even animation. One took nine months to make while I was temping in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. I won various awards and have had public showings and got it distributed on something called VHS tape!
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Other videos are more recent and feature real life street theater in So Cal. So real the LAPD or the Sheriff's Deputies are sometimes involved. Hooray! Free extras and they brought vehicles!  Few other Gaythiest protesters make such unusual videos watching people on the street I morally dislike squirm under pressure. On camera.

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hometown video festival awardalt
Medium: 3/4" Sony Umatic - Live Action & Animation
720px x 480px - 1994

I made this short subject for the same reason that George Lucas made Star Wars: I wanted to see it.
What if a 1940s style movie trailer was made with the same sex, violence and product placement of movies of the 1990s? Which is when this was made. It was the very beginning of mainstream Gay rights videos. Sadly, my co-star Sirrocco later died of Multiple Sclerosis possibly caused by her breast implants.
Nobody else was doing computer animation in Ohio, or practically anyplace else, at this level at the time. Hence the various awards I earned.
1994 hometown video festival award 1994 hometown video festival award
metropolitan museum of art showing  alt altalt alt alt

hometown video festival award
Medium: 3/4" Sony Umatic - Live Action & Digital Animation
720px x 480px - 1995

This parody of the drug industry has only been proved even more true as years go by. Featuring my first attempt at 3D animation augmented by 2D clips makes this a hilarious moment of the 1990s mocking the 1970s.
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hometown video festival award
Medium: Digital -  Live Action & Animation
1920x x 1080px - 2015

Total improvisation warning! These two actresses took ONE TAKE to nail this parody of how Scientologists extort their own kind. Why so rehearsed? Because both of them have played each role, extorter and victim, over the decades in the name of a money obsessed cult. Fun Fact: all religions are money obsessed.
If you listen closely at the end you can hear me breathing because I was literally so astonished. Astonished at the fall of human nature.

Starring Karen de la Carriere and Tory Magoo, both of whom are long time apostates. Karen's son Alexander died from medical neglect in Scientology and her husband Heber has been illegally incarcerated by the cult for decades in Riverside, CA. Tory almost died when Scientology told her to get off her epilepsy meds and stick with the cult. She had massive siezures.