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tom cruise headshot never look backTom Cruise stars in "Never Look Back" the engrossing exposť of his scandalous escape from the Church of Scientology. JUST KIDDING!  It's really the sequel to "Jack Reacher" his 2012 movie.

The film stars Cruise, Cobie Smulders, Danika Yarosh, Aldis Hodge, Patrick Heusinger, and Holt McCallany. Principal photography began on October 20, 2015 in New Orleans. The film is scheduled to be released on February 24, 2017.

pdp computer julie andrews sound of music 1965I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1965. I'm as old as Moore's Law, Gold's Gym and The Sound of Music. At left is an image of what computers looked like the year I was born.  Yuk!  I went to high school and college in Pennsylvania and in 1988 I got a BA in English, computer graphics not existing as a major at the time. Most institutional computers could display two to four colors at best and PCs were in their infancy.

I learned plenty at college but discovered more on my own programming graphics and games on my 16-color Commodore 64. It was a much better long term investment than a dated, common English degree ever could be.  I moved back to Cincinnati after school. Always interested in video, in 1990 I bought a 4096 color Amiga computer and taught myself animation. I learned Deluxepaint for 2D then the Video Toaster for video and eventually Lightwave version 3 for 3D.  I put these to use making activist videos that were shown on Warner Cable public access in Cincinnati.

I started creating comedy videos. My short subject Nick Dixon Private Eye found distribution, won several awards and was shown in LA at the American Cinematheque and in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art during the Brooklyn Arts Council Fest.

In 1995 I rode to Los Angeles on a wave of development money flooding gaming with the release of the 65,000 color Sony Playstation 1. Hired as a texture artist I was soon disenchanted with my employer's programmer oriented anti-artist mindset and the adolescent chaos of gaming start-ups at the time. Apparently, tech startups are always adolescent chaos. Also, hardware limitations then meant I had to make cars with hexagonal wheels shaped like lug nuts and humans with faceted heads. After a year doing 3D games I switched to Hollywood studio features, eventually taking a position at Flash Film Works where I've done many big budget studio movies starting with Deep Blue Sea. I've also written my first feature length comedy script, The Bodice Ripper and animated the opening shot. I sometimes do large-scale commercials and TV series, such as the award winning Batman/Onstar Satellite series and the HBO's miniseries The Pacific. Our team won an Emmy for that project.  Unfortunately my best work was often done on gigantic, overbudgeted flops.

I model, texture, light and animate in Lightwave 3D exclusively, composite in Digital Fusion and other programs.  Of course I paint in Photoshop and turn to Corel Painter for analogue media effects.

I live just off the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA, next to where actor River Phoenix OD'd, comedian John Belushi overdosed, and writer F.Scott Fitzgerald last lived before he drank himself to death. It's very artist friendly!  I enjoy movies, video games, The New York Times, hiking and working out. Wait, I don't enjoy working out at all but I do it.

When not animating movies I fix computers, both Mac and Windows, at people's homes and businesses.  I've built dozens of computers from scratch and work on both single machines and networks. I've trained hundreds of people to use their first computer and I excel at making technophobes feel less afraid.

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Architectural visualization of a restaurant exterior
Dragon Age Redemption harbor
A Lunar Las Vegas from Warner Bros. gorgeous megabomb "Pluto Nash."  Some windows in "Oxygen Pods" building reveal people making out in rented pods after meeting in the disco upstairs.
Elements from Disney's "The Guardian"
"Look Development" stage of "The Guardian"
HIV Virus on the prowl
Lt. Cmdr. Kate Bowman (Carrie-Ann Moss) takes aim at director Antony Hoffman's crotch during the troubled production of Warner Bros. Red Planet
 Primeval landscape of the early earth done for the History Channel (aka low budget)
The opening shot of The Bodice Ripper as an animatic.
The Bodice Ripper's London is a polluted mess with werewolf infested sewers.
This single engine Huey was modeled for Deep Blue Sea and also appeared in Collateral Damage. Built from photos.
Lightly textured Honda motorcycle exploded in firely climax of "Collateral Damage."
Research Station Aquatica takes a pounding in Deep Blue Sea. I built and textured all the geometry from photos, not blueprints.
This is the Aquatica 3D element before compositing.
Secret hideout of the WB's "Birds of Prey," the Gotham Clock Tower!
A still frame from The Bodice Ripper's opening shot. The animated fog took much longer to render than the set.
My Mummy from the movie "Tales of the Mummy" began its (after)life as a scanned maquette.
Egyptian matte painting from "Tales of the Mummy." I animated all the animals, people and FX
The Bodice Ripper's escape balloon is fittingly mammary.
New Gotham City (detail) from the WB's "Birds of Prey" billboard campaign
 Amiga Art
I made this image while beta testing Lightwave 9.0 ...
Hand Drawn Art